Transport is an important part of Bangladesh’s economy. Day by day the number of vehicles are also increasing. As a result, toll plazas’ across the country are having heavy traffic. To control this massive traffic, officials who maintain those toll plazas find themselves in a mess. It is not possible for a man to handle all those traffic in a toll plaza without making any error. Sometime they intentionally do illegal things. But lack of evidence, authority can’t do anything. And that is one of the big problem of toll plaza. Every day they lose thousands of money because of this. And all of this happens behind their back.

Toll plazas are one of the big source of earing revenue for the government. Everyday thousands of vehicle go through toll plaza. But without proper monitoring, revenues can go in wrong hand. With proper monitoring, all these issues can be solved easily. Watchcam is the perfect solution for this kind of problems. Our system is designed for handling this kind of situation. Watchcam comes with lot of features like 24/7 surveillance, vehicle counting, vehicle identification, and a complete database of vehicles. Our system can also identify vehicles that have criminal record only by seeing their number plate. By implementing our system, toll plazas’ can bring greater time efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Graphical User Interface for easy monitoring and management
  2. Multiple camera support (IP/PTZ/Speed/Thermal etc.)

iii.            Vehicle detection and tracking

  1. Vehicle classification and counting
  2. Lane Violation Detection
  3. License plate detection and Recognition

vii. Vehicle speed and flow rate measurement

viii. Searching through multiple cameras for specific vehicle colors and number plates

  1. Instant notification Onboard (Visual & Audible) or Remote (E- mail/SMS)
  2. Footage and object data capture and archiving for further use cases

We design and develop high quality recognition software for the automatic recognition of vehicle license plates. We market our number plate recognition software as a number plate recognition engine along with a software development kit (SDK). We offer it to you in this Integra table form in order to let you incorporate LPR technology into your computer system. Your computer system equipped with our Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software Engine becomes capable of reading the registration number of any vehicle from around the World with the highest accuracy under a fraction of a second.

Beside the development of the core license plate recognition technology, we design, manufacture and market supplemental hardware devices specially engineered for the image capturing task of number plate recognition.

We offer you the ultimate license plate recognition technology of the highest quality on a competitive price. By choosing us you choose to benefit from our expertise of a year-long experience in this sector. By choosing us you choose a reliable, responsible partner who values long term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We are committed to innovation, technology, quality and our partner’s satisfaction.