WATCHCAM Intelligent Video Recorder (iNVR) is a now on SALE with two different salable flavor- WATCHCAM iNVR Mini and WATCHCAM iNVR Pro. Its a direct replacement of your existing DVR/NVR boxes adding intelligent capabilities like Person/Object detection, Face recognition for access control and attendance monitoring, License Plate Recognition for parking management and much more.
No need to change your existing camera setup, just connect them with WATCHCAM iNVR Mini (8 channel) or WATCHCAM iNVR Pro (32 channel) and you are all set. Your cameras will get smart instantly to notify you whatever happening around your premises.
Make your dumb camera smart!!

Complete list of features:
• Round the clock autonomous security without human intervention
• 8 to 500 channel cameras supported with scalable server portfolio
• Full HD/4K video recording at 30FPS, Motion or Object/Face detection triggered
• Facial and other biometric feature recognition at 99.4% accuracy for Access control or Unattended Attendance Monitoring
• Bangla License Plate recognition for Traffic/Parking Management with 98% accuracy
• Mass Surveillance – Database profiling and matching from thousands of known faces/vehicles on the fly
• Real-Time Crime Control (RTCC) via Instant Notifications through Alarm/SMS/E-mail
• Real-Time Search Surveillance (RTSS) – Search through multiple cameras for objects with specific colors, person with specific body attributes and facial profile
• Anomaly detection from Motion vector/Heat Map
• Weapons and Abandoned object detection and notification
• Generate organized log-file easy interpretation from large volume data
• Supports both General IP or PTZ cameras : Auto tracking support on PTZ with 3 modes
• Forensic footage analysis: Analyzes hours of footage in minutes, Auto suspect detection

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