The growth in the electronic transactions has resulted in a greater demand for fast and accurate user identification and authentication. User have been largely depending on and trusting the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) to conveniently meeting their banking needs. However, numerous advantages of ATM system, the ATM fraud has recently become more widespread. This system used to avoid the ATM robberies and wrong person miss uses the ATM. So we proposed things such as sounds and actions of Breaking or damaging the machines threating the ATM user’s denial of transactions and any other ATM user by invalid users or mask

With the technological advances in financial infrastructure, most bank customers prefer to use Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and Internet websites for carrying out their banking transactions. Financial users especially utilize ATMs for physical transactions like cash withdrawal or cash deposit. However, just like any other system, ATMs are also suffering from numerous issues caused by users. Current ATM makes use of not more than an access card and PIN for uniqueness confirmation. Common problems arise are, card and/or cash forgetting (CCF), fake attempt and mistreatment through card theft, PIN theft, stealing or hacking of customers account detail and other parts of security.

A facial recognition system is a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source

Face Recognition is a biometric scan technology. Face Recognition includes face scan system that can range from a high-resolution camera, workstations, software and back-end processors. Face scan technology is used to analyze and capture facial characteristics such as distance between eyes, mouth or nose, and face cut of person.

The ATM system will consist of embedded camera in machine that will recognize the face standing about 2 feet far in front of system and perform matches against the facial database. The system will usually come to a decision in less than 5 seconds.

An important aspect needs to be considered that distinguishing between masked face and unmasked face. The system generates and alarm or notification if user is masked.

Another features is proposed that if a person is in black list then the system will generate a notification as soon as he insert his card or his card/money will be blocked.

  • ATM security model that would increasing the performance combine a physical access card, a PIN, and face recognition to increase the reliability of ATM transactions.
  • Finding the valid or invalid user and avoiding the wrong person to accesses the ATM.
  • Wrong person wearing mask and have any object he didn’t get cash and blocked.
  • Overall customer satisfactory and reliability