As all of us know that security is a critical issue for law enforcement agencies as well as any organization to impose public trust while securing their assets. The current technologies used for security lacks efficiency, robustness while requiring skilled workforce to manage. With an aim to automate the camera based surveillance system towards a smart, efficient and ease-of-use for any type of agencies while ensuring rapid response and greater security measures, we are currently dedicating our research efforts to develop WATCHCAM as a truly innovative Artificial Intelligence based system. The system could ensure round-the-clock air tight security through the connected cameras while improving efficiency in a vast amount, thereby saving valuable lives and assets which are worth the cost of installing the system in the long run.

You must have known that existing CCTV/IP cameras installed are not capable of real-time crime monitoring and lacks facial recognition features. Those cameras require a lot of human forces to monitor who is not available 24/7. Moreover, due to the lack of instant incident detection and crime reporting features, those cameras could not prevent crime from happening.

With an aim for complete surveillance automation, we have developed WATCHCAM, an Intelligent Real-Time Video Analytic solution to prevent crimes by detecting and notifying incidents from camera feeds. We have integrated state-of-the-art machine learning based technologies to detect persons, objects, faces, firearms in real-time from multiple camera feeds on its powerful server. The system has some innovative technologies like real-time search on video space for specific incident detection and post analysis.


Addressing present security camera surveillance system lacking including:

  • Lacks lighting and pose independent facial recognition
  • Lacks suspicious activity detection and instant notification
  • Human operator limitation
  • No Collective Cloud intelligence
  • No RTCC or RTSS
  • No object detection or search features
  • Post footage analysis require significant time
  • Not sufficient to control criminal activities instantly
  • Require large workforce to monitor which is not available all the time


  • Round the clock security 24/7 without human intervention
  • Motion, Object & Clear or Masked Face Detection at high speed
  • Facial and other biometric feature recognition at 99.35% accuracy
  • Crowd analysis for mass monitoring and control at ease (Head count, Body count etc.)
  • Database profiling and matching from thousands of criminal faces on the fly
  • Real-Time Crime Control (RTCC) via Instant Notifications through Alarm/SMS/E-mail
  • Real-Time Search Surveillance (RTSS) Search through multiple cameras for objects with
  • Specific colors, person with specific facial attributes and facial profile
  • Criminal activity prediction from body gestures and faces
  • Generate organized log-file easy interpretation of large volume data
  • Connected camera intelligence for robust surveillance within hundreds of cameras
  • Supports both General or PTZ cameras: Auto tracking support on PTZ with 3 modes
  • Forensic footage analysis: Analyzes hours of footage in minutes, Auto suspect detection

WATCHCAM offers you significant improvement for surveillance camera operators for monitoring hundreds of cameras by a single person. This feature enables the single operator to search for specific face or object (i.e. vehicles) across all video streams and get highlight when it appears. Thus it could reduce the required attention and therefore reducing workforce to monitor multiple cameras simultaneously