You must have known that existing CCTV/IP cameras installed are not capable of real-time crime monitoring and lacks facial recognition features. Those cameras require a lot of human forces to monitor who are not available 24/7. Moreover, due to the lack of instant incident detection and crime reporting features, those cameras could not prevent crime from happening.

With   an   aim   for   a   complete   surveillance   automation,   we   have  developed WATCHCAM, an Intelligent Real-Time Video Analytic solution to prevent crimes by detecting and notifying incidents from camera feeds. We have integrated state-of-the-art machine learning based technologies to detect persons, objects, faces, firearms in real-time from multiple camera feeds on its powerful server. The system has some innovative technologies like real-time search on video space for specific incident detection and post analysis.


  1. Fast face processing
  2. Face image quality determination
  3. Fast face matching
  4. Features generalization mode
  5. Round the clock security 24/7 without human intervention
  6. Motion, Object & Clear or Masked Face Detection at high speed
  7. Facial and other biometric feature recognition at 99.35% accuracy
  8. Crowd analysis for mass monitoring and control at ease (Head count, Body count etc.)
  9. Database profiling and matching from thousands of persons face.
  10. Can be use in numerous premises like school, universities, factories, corporate offices etc
  11. Generate reports for attendance database.
  12. Evaluate person performances by their working time.