SIGMIND is the very first Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) research group and engineering solution provider in Bangladesh. Our research group and developer team are working hard to invent ground-breaking solutions for complex problems to advance humanity. SIGMIND is the only member on NVIDIA Inception Program from Bangladesh which recognizes top A.I. startups around the world, providing Virtual Incubation supports. The company is currently putting efforts to develop and market some innovative products with latest Computer Vision and Natural Language processing technologies powered by A.I. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of researchers, developers and marketers have strong expertise for some of the hottest applications of A.I. such as Deep Learning, Mechatronics, Robotics and Unmanned systems, Industrial Automation, Computer Vision, Big Data Analytics and NLP based Conversational Agents etc.
The WATCHCAM system could ensure round-the-clock air tight security through the connected cameras while improving efficiency in a vast amount, thereby saving valuable lives and assets which are worth the cost of installing the system in the long run. As we are moving forward to an A.I. first world, we are innovating solutions to solve some toughest challenges to bring fruitful applications of the technology with the slogan “Smart Machines. Smarter Humanity”.

Abu Anas Shuvom
Founder & CEO

Tanvir Tabassum
Managing Director

Arif Hossain

Seeam Hossain